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Chairman's Message

Radio SD 90.8 FM is the first Community Radio Station of Muzaffarnagar.

We have initially started with broadcasting 2 hours of programmes, based on education with minimum staff (2-3 persons). Thereafter in we have slowly and steadily increased our programmes to 6, 12, 17 and now 24 hours at present. The population of Muzaffarnagar is about 20 lakhs including Rural and Urban. Keeping this in mind we have devised our programmes accordingly. At present we are broadcasting programmes based on Spiritual, employment, Child Psychology, Law and rights of citizen, home remedies, healthy recipes, environment protection, career prospects, inventions and discoveries, agriculture, health and community participation with their folk songs and culture.

Catering to a population that is a mix of rural and urban masses, Radio SD programmes are a mix of informative and entertainment. The focus of our station is to combine the objective of development and reaching the community with the value that is created by community Radio in all spheres of life. The innovative approach of combining knowledge sharing with creativity and entertainment value is the success of our community radio station. If we want knowledge to be absorbed by a wide variety of listeners then creative programmes are very critical. Programmes on employment and career opportunities and career guidance cater primarily to the youth and for others. We have programmes that delve into healthcare tips, environment protection, agriculture etc as mentioned above

Dhruv Kumar

Director's Message

Radio SD 90.8 is a 24×7 Community Radio Station powered by S.D. College Association and is solely dedicated to the service of the community it caters to. The Community Radio Station is covering aspects related with social awareness, health, spirituality, entertainment, education, career, and youth. It is the first & only Radio Station in Muzaffarnagar.

Various spiritually awakened people are invited to discuss various dimensions of spiritual awareness and genuine levels of all religions. Radio SD is an Info Entertainment Channel which provides all kinds of awareness among the residents of Muzaffarnagar and adjoining coverage area. With its networking, the radio station creates plays suitable Industry related programmes, for the benefit of students, community, entrepreneurs and other listeners. Various experts are invited to participate in our discussion programmes on topics of interest and relevance. Focus is also on Motivational programmes, sharing and analyzing success stories and is building communication skills, soft skills, and personality development. Radio SD 90.8 covers all adjoining and rural areas in Muzaffarnagar.

Dr. Sidharth Sharma
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